I had been having problems with my right leg for two years, and had tried all the usual braces and injections that traditionally come before surgery.    I had been asking around North Ranch for recommendations on an orthopedic specialist, looking for feedback on the entire experience from start to finish.  Of the people I spoke to, 99% recommended Dr. Wagner.  I hadn’t made an appointment yet when my dog pulled my bike over and I landed hard on my bad leg.  From there, I went to Dr. Wagner and it was determined that I needed a total knee replacement.

The pre and post-operative education I received was outstanding; all of the departments did a great job of explaining expectations and what was needed.  I required extra clearance which delayed things a bit, but once I was ready for surgery things couldn’t have gone better.  I was walked through the nerve block and anesthesia very thoroughly, and all of the staff were wonderful and met my every need.  My first step following surgery was a thing of wonder and amazement as I finally had no pain!

In the weeks following, I went to Physical Therapy several times a week.  Melissa and the other therapists were wonderful to work with, and every time I came in they would ask how I was doing and if there was anything I thought we should work on that day.  They would then tailor the treatment to any particular issue I was having.  Now, 5 ½ weeks after surgery, I am walking completely unassisted.

My faith in the staff and management of the hospital were an important part of my decision to have surgery at Wickenburg Community Hospital, and it turned out to be a great decision!


Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a procedure done that we all dread having done, which happens to be a Colonoscopy.  Everything went well with my procedure and I was really impressed with everyone that participated in preparing me for the procedure. I started with registration and paperwork, then made my way down the hall where I met one of the nurses that was making sure I had a ride home after the procedure.  Once inside, the nursing staff helped me feel comfortable and again made sure all the paperwork was in order, and that I was the correct patient.

My appointment was scheduled for 8:00 am and the nurse had me ready to go at the appointed time; doing a nice job of hooking me up to the iv, blood pressure and pulse ox machines.  In the procedure room everything was explained to me about what we were doing and how the anesthesia would work.

All the nursing staff were great and professional from the start to finish, making sure I took the time I needed to regroup after the procedure was finished.  I would highly recommend our Surgery Center with a 5 Star Rating!  Thank you all and Dr Ripley, you’re AWESOME TOO!


“I recently had two operations done by Wickenburg Community Hospital’s Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Wagner and was pleased with the whole process. I have had knee problems for a while and after hearing about Dr. Wagner, decided to use his services. His personal attitude and considerate care were greatly appreciated and because he earned my trust early on, I had total confidence in his abilities.

Every staff member I interacted with during this experience bent over backwards to be friendly, whilst being competent and efficient. Specifically, Dr. Wagner’s nurse, Tess, was extremely kind and helpful as was the surgery scheduler, Kathy. Everyone I interacted with in registration, imaging the surgical center and the in-patient unit was caring and seemed to genuinely enjoy their jobs. Once I was done with my procedure and began going to physical therapy, Dustin, Wendy and Natalie were instrumental in helping me heal and regain my strength.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to have all the tests and both of my surgeries done here, only minutes away from home. It made it convenient for me as well as my family. For a town this size, we are lucky to have this quality of care. And might I mention… the food is fantastic!”


“Recently I was a patient at the Wickenburg Community Hospital at the new surgical center. I had a colonoscopy done by the Chief of Surgery Doctor Robert Ripley. This was my fifth or sixth colonoscopy as I get one every five years. Needless to say these are never fun as the preparations prior to the surgery are never fun but necessary.

From the first meeting with Dr. Ripley this was the easiest and best experience I have ever had with this procedure. Normally I have had various problems such as starting an I.V.s etc. This time there was none of that, the staff were experts at their jobs and all of the procedures were painless. All of the staff were completely focused on me and my comfort. They work as a team and all were very nice.

What a comfort to know that our town has this marvelous facility, Wickenburg Community Hospital.”


“I was recently seen in the Emergency Department at Wickenburg Community Hospital. During my time there, I was treated by two of the emergency doctors and 4 technicians. The entire staff that provided me care was amazing. Due to the nature of my health problem, I had many questions for the doctors and appreciated their patience as they answered them.

I was then admitted to the Acute Care Floor of the hospital for observation and continuation of care. Everything was as it should have been. The quality of the nursing staff was fantastic; all were very personable and professional. Even the food was well-presented. Prior to the ER and inpatient stay, I have been an orthopedic patient of Dr. Wagner’s and have been impressed with his care as well. Dr. Wagner, along with his office and nursing staff, offer very friendly and personalized service. For a town of our size, we are extremely fortunate to have this level of care in our community.”


“This letter is to make you aware of the excellent service that was rendered by employees in the Wickenburg Community Hospital Infusion Center. I have been an outpatient for the last six weeks getting daily infusions of antibiotics. During this time there were several occasions where both Linda Kubler, and Lindsay Huber went out of their way to accommodate me and my issues (talking to doctors on my behalf, going to acute care to take care of my needs, etc.) I cannot express enough how their thoughtfulness and concern was appreciated. Linda and Lindsay are excellent assets to your hospital. Thank you to Linda, Lindsay, and Wickenburg Community Hospital for your commitment to patients.”

Originally published in the Wickenburg Sun


“I had surgery today at WCH.  I can’t praise them enough. Every staff member, every nurse, every doctor were professional, compassionate, competent, and absolutely BEST surgery experience in my life.  Thank you each and every one. By the way, the surgery center is also very beautiful.”


“If you give Wickenburg a surgery center, an experienced surgeon will come. And if you need a new hip or knee, Dr. Wagner will give you one.

I know this to be true. After years of limping with an eroded knee, my local doc referred me this past September to Mitchell Wagner, M.D., whose calm demeanor and willingness to take the time to explain a knee procedure convinced me the time was right for a knee replacement.  Within two weeks of Dr. Wagner’s initial consultation, I was admitted to the beautiful state-of-the-art surgery center for the procedure.  New Director of Anesthesiology Dr. Lisa Erlinger skillfully administered a nerve block, along with the anesthesia to ensure nausea relief as well as continued pain relief post-surgery. Her procedure allowed me a most comfortable postoperative hospital stay in the adjoining Wickenburg hospital wing.

The professionalism of preoperative and postoperative care added to my rapid recovery. The friendly competent medical staff joined together to provide an environment to guarantee my success as an inpatient.  The Champion Physical Therapy staff worked with me after surgery, providing important exercises and education to restore my knee to complete health.

I feel very fortunate to have all the benefits of this extraordinary medical community at my fingertips. Imagine having all this expertise right at home.

Thank each of you who brought this dream into fruition, and thank the local artists who provided me with the most exquisite, unforgettable image as I was being wheeled into surgery: an amazing stained glass panorama of western beauty. It was a first. ”

Originally published in the Wickenburg Sun


“We have just retired to Congress, and just started using our Tricare Prime Insurance, and had to visit our local hospital for the very first time a few weeks ago. After rolling my ankle, falling down and unable to stand, our insurance advised us to go to Wickenburg Hospital Emergency Room on Sunday night. We have found ourselves to be so blessed to have access to this local hospital with an entire staff that was outstanding. We would like to thank them all for a wonderful experience with my sprained ankle and finding out it wasn’t broken. From the moment my husband parked the car across from the ER entrance their wonderful professionalism was felt, a nurse just getting off her shift, walking to her own car stopped to see if I was ok with my crutches, she instructed my husband where the wheel chairs were and what services could help me inside, and wished me the best. (She was off duty.) Then we were greeted by the ER staff who came out to our car after talking to my husband and wheeled me inside. We were treated by a wonderful, amazing, caring team; nurses, x-ray tech, admitting clerk and doctor. Again, it is such a blessing to have access to Wickenburg Hospital, and to know if we ever have a true emergency this is the hospital my husband and I would be blessed to be rushed to. Again, Thank you all for the service you provide to us, and for being a great community hospital.”

Originally published in the Wickenburg Sun


“Over three years ago I was diagnosed with a practically torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder.  At that time we used visiting doctors and I was assigned one who performed the surgery. Three follow ups for pain were non-productive, with cortisone shots and xrays that, “showed no bone to none contact”.

As I had started physical therapy here with Natalie as my primary therapist, I decided to trust the pain would be resolved through therapy since shots and such were no cure. Over the next, nearly, three years, Natalie and others worked to resolve the pain in my right shoulder.  Natalie brought in other therapists with skills she considered superior to hers, to no avail.

Then this Spring, she sat down with me and reviewed all that we had done.  At the end, she said there was no more that she could do and because of that, her feeling as a professional was that we needed to revisit the initial operation. Her recommendation for a new xray was approved and the new resident surgeon immediately recognized poor clean up and a few other issues that were ignored in the initial surgery.  An appointment was made for the staff surgeon to address these issues.

Two days prior to the scheduled rotator cuff clean up, I awoke with my right arm severely limited in mobility and strength, unable to raise the arm past my waist. I immediately called Dr. Wagner, our resident surgeon, who was to do the rotator cuff clean up.  He had me come in for an MRI at once to determine if the surgery could go forth or not.

The MRI showed neck vertebrae were the cause of my arm being in trouble but would not require a delay in the scheduled surgery, which we went forward on. Following the discovery of the vertebrae needing attention, fusing of #4 thru #7 was done and things are looking good. I have started therapy to get the right arm muscles back to normal and Natalie is again primary. I sincerely feel if not for her insistence on revisiting the original operation and refusal to give up, the spine problem would have gotten worse and possibly handicapped me.

Natalie is an exceptionally dedicated and caring professional who many of us trust without question.Wickenburg Hospital is staffed by some of the best professionals in every area, but some stand out and Natalie is one of those exceptions.”

Primary Care

Community Hospital Clinics are located in Wickenburg, Wittmann, and Congress. We sincerely follow our mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family, and community come first.

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Emergency Care

Our 8 bed Emergency Room department is fully staffed with emergency physicians, nurses, and ER specialists. Your wait time is typically measured in minutes not hours as in the larger metropolitan hospitals.

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Surgical Services

Wickenburg Community Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical care and treatment. We serve a vibrant and active community who favors quality health care close to home.

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