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AZTV7 – Interview with Brad Perry

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Interview with Peter Stachowicz, COO Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics and Brad Perry from AZTV7.

Extensive Medical Care Options At Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics

“Wickenburg Community Hospital and Clinics is a very progressive and patient conscious organization. Our organization understands that people have a choice, and we want to be their first choice for healthcare by being as comprehensive as possible. We want to be their destination hospital,” states Stachowicz. “It’s important to listen to those in our service area and make sure we are meeting their needs. We’ve grown tremendously over the years and expanded our presence in our service area. We have plans for future that will bring healthcare even closer to home. It’s important for people to know that we are a full-service healthcare provider. We do have some limitations as most rural hospitals do but do have quality care options, and can connect patients with providers they need.”

Video Transcript Below:
Brad: We’re here at the Wickenburg Community Hospital and Clinics with Peter who’s letting us know that this is one of the main staples here in the Wickenburg area to help the community stay healthy.

Peter: Absolutely.

Brad: And you’re very proud of this place, aren’t you?

Peter: Very much so. Wickenburg Community Hospital has been here for a very very long time I have seen it grow, I have seen it expand, I’ve seen it become very very prominent in this community for Health Care Services, of all kinds.

Brad: Yeah and it’s not just right here in Wickenburg you actually service surrounding areas too, don’t you?

Peter: We do. We have satellite clinics in the town of Congress, in Wittmann, both of those areas are actually, we’re looking at even expanding those services. Growing into new locations and on top of that we have a mobile clinic that’s going to be rolled out at the end of summer that will allow us to bring services to even further areas here.

Brad: Yah, you also have an urgent care that’s very important to this community too.

Peter: Urgent Care has been a very very important need out here. The populations nowadays, people tend to go to urgent cares more so than establishing with primary physicians. Which we have a great team of primary physicians but we opened up about a year ago and it’s been very very successful and before the end of the year we’re even moving that to a new location so, we’re really excited about that too.

Brad: I like it. Well people think because it’s Wickenburg that it’s going to be, we could say old school medicine, but that’s not true you’ve got very progressive, you have new technology here.

Peter: We have new technology as far as nuclear medicine, CAT scans, laboratory, we use robotics for our orthopedic surgery, we have an infusion center here, we have literally full service here. We have an agreement with City of Hope so we’re providing Cancer Care here as well and we also have a retail pharmacy which is something a lot of hospitals don’t have. I could go on and on. I mean we have so many services that we try to provide folks and really, what we try to do is be that One-Stop-Store for them so to speak. People will have choices you know, people could go wherever they want for health care. We want to be the choice for them in our community.

Brad: Yeah, and the reason why is that this community is growing and so you’re making sure people know when you do move up here you don’t have to worry about getting back down to the valley to be taken care of. It’s right here in your own backyard.

Peter: You know, it’s interesting, you know our service area is so large it’s not unusual for people to have to travel an hour plus to come here for a five minute test but if those services aren’t offered here they’re going to travel you know, an hour here and perhaps even an hour longer to Scottsdale. So, we want to keep folks here in the community and not impact their lives by excessive travel.

Brad: Yeah, and there’s a lot of new changes going on here. A lot of expansion going on that you’re very proud of aren’t you.

Peter: Absolutely.

Brad: Very nice. All right, how can people find out more information about the hospital.

Peter: Obviously you could go to our webpage as well as social media we are out there everywhere.

Brad: I love it. Thank you very much for having us here.

Peter: Absolutely.

Brad: It’s great, thank you.

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