Construction on track at hospital

Construction on track at hospital 16December

Construction is going along at a healthy pace at Wickenburg Community Hospital.  Early next year, a new medical office building will open, and in the summer of 2016 a surgical and diagnostic wing will be brought online.  The new buildings will make room for two surgeons and their support staff and provide space for visiting physicians to see patients and perform procedures.

The buildings are going up as two separate projects.  The new medical office building, referred to as MOB2, is 10, 685 square feet.  It will be similar in appearance and attached to the current medical office building (MOB1) which houses the clinic on Rose Lane.  Construction of MOB2 is on schedule with a projected completion date of February 29, according to WCH Plant Services Manager Al Gustin.  With interior and exterior walls completed, crews are painting inside, hanging ceilings, installing doors and working on stone veneer and other touches on the outside.

Meanwhile, the surgical and diagnostic center is going up on the other side of Rose Lane.  It will eventually adjoin the hospital, but the part of the project will be further down the road, Gustin said.  First, there are remodeling projects to be completed inside the hospital.  Crews are close to finishing renovations of the east end, where visiting physicians formerly saw patients.  That area will become a “snack shack” with beverage and cold food services and should be finished by January 9.

The next step will be to remodel the west end of the hospital in preparation for adjoining the old building to the new surgical center.  This will begin January 13 and will require relocation of some of the diagnostic procedure rooms and other services in the west end.  Gustin said patients visiting the hospital shouldn’t be affected by the temporary changes, because measures have been taken to minimize the impact of construction on the day-to-day activities.  To help with the transition, more volunteers have been added to guide people and keep things moving smoothly, he said.

Outside, the surgical center is taking shape.  A steel framed, 10,500 square foot structure, the building fell a little behind schedule due to delays in installation of the boiler for the comfort heating and cooling unit.  The state-of-the-art machine will service the new building, and eventually the older part of the hospital as well.  “This technology makes us a lot more energy efficient and makes controlling the environment much more efficient as well,” Gustin said.  The energy management system couples circulating water with computer technology, which monitors and adjusts temperatures automatically.

Framing of the surgical center stopped while the boiler issue was solved, but will resume shortly, Gustin said.  The anticipated completion date for the entire project is June 30.

In addition to the structures, ample parking will be constructed for patients, visitors and staff.  The parking lot will wrap all the way around the medical office buildings, and additional parking will be available across from the main entrance on Brailliar Road,” Gustin said.

Construction of the surgical and diagnostic center and MOB2 was funded with a US Department of Agriculture loan and a sizeable local fundraising campaign.

Published originally in The Wickenburg Sun | Written by Jeanie Williams Editor Wickenburg Sun

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