HEALTHCARE Construction Updates Exterior framing going up

Exterior framing going up

Exterior framing going up post thumbnail image

Progress continues on the Surgical wing. This image shows the exterior framing including some shear wall sheathing and if you look closely, you can see some of the Fire-X sheetrock that separates the mechanical and electrical rooms from the rest of the addition.


The following image shows the interior framing looking northwest from the future lobby area, which is near the existing Cardio waiting room.
Surgical wing - interior framing

The next image shows the area of the maintenance shop mechanical room that must be demolished so that construction may continue on the surgical wing.
Maintenance shop mechanical room

In order for the above mentioned mechanical room to be demolished, it was necessary to relocate the existing cooling tower. The following image shows the Baltimore Air Coil (BAC) cooling tower piping being disconnected and the construction lift in place ready to move the unit.
BAC cooling tower piping being disconnected

This image shows the BAC cooling tower rigged for moving and lifted off the concrete pad.

BAC cooling tower moved

The next picture shows the tower being moved out of the way. To the right, you can see the new Trane air-cooled chiller which will provide chilled water for the comfort cooling in the hospital. We are keeping the old York compressor/chiller and cooling tower as a backup in the unlikely event that the new Trane Chiller fails for some reason. This is prudent since we are located in an area with such a hot climate.
BAC cooling tower rigged

Some of you may remember the infamous Windows 3D Pipes screensaver from years gone by…

Bill Gate's screensaver

Well, Bill Gates has nothing on us! We have our very own, Real 3D Pipes right here in our existing hospital mechanical room!

Hospital mechanical room

The following is a list of construction activities for the period between now and December 18th:

  • Demolish existing mechanical area 12/8, 12/9.
  • Pour remainder of concrete footings 12/10 through 12/14.
  • Install more underground plumbing 12/10 through 12/15.
  • Pour slab on grade 12/15 through 12/18.
  • Finish structural steel 12/18.
  • Remove existing cooling tower and concrete pad 12/14.

Medical Office Building (MOB)

The new MOB (Medical Office Building) continues to move toward completion.  We’ll see some pictures of the interior for the next Construction Update.

New MOB outside

In the next image, we see masons installing the stone veneer on the new MOB.
Mason work on new MOB

The following is a list of construction activities for the period between now and November 6th:

  • Drywall tape & texture complete 12/8.
  • Interior painting 12/4 through 12/15.
  • Ceiling grid installation 12/4 through 12/18.
  • Install exterior stone veneer 12/7 through 12/12/18.
  • Storm drain work 12/8.
  • Grade around building 12/9 through 12/15.

Existing Hospital East-end Renovations:

Work continues on the East-end renovation project.

Construction update written and photographed by Alan Gustin, Plant Services Manager

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