HEALTHCARE Informative Did you know your local WCH Pharmacy can help you with your pet’s medication?

Did you know your local WCH Pharmacy can help you with your pet’s medication?

Did you know your local WCH Pharmacy can help you with your pet’s medication? post thumbnail image

Many pets experience medical conditions which require unique medication management. Wickenburg Community Hospital Pharmacy is able to utilize compounding to create a simpler medication regimen customized to your pets’ needs, minimizing the quantity of individual pills a pet owner has to administer on a regular basis. Our team will work hard to help you receive your medication with free delivery to Wickenburg and surrounding areas.

One example of a condition in pets that our team is able to help with is seizures in dogs. A seizure is an abnormal, uncontrolled burst of electrical activity in a dog’s brain that causes abnormal behavior. During an event, the dog may appear unsteady or confused and may twitch or have uncontrollable shaking. Sometimes the dog appears to be treading water while laying down. The dog is unconscious at the time and is unaware of the seizure. Seizures are often accompanied by uncontrollable drooling and even urination and defecation. After a seizure, the dog will move slowly and be lethargic. There are three potential causes of seizures in dogs, including a chemical imbalance in the blood, genetics, or a brain abnormality. Your veterinarian will work with you to perform tests and determine the cause of seizures in your dog. Once a cause is determined, our pharmacist can work with you and your vet to customize an anti-seizure medication that is easy to administer and tastes good!

Hear from one of our satisfied pet owners when our team went above and beyond to help a furry patient in need!

“I wanted to share with you both a stellar customer service situation that I had with Brian Schule and Shelby Cox.

Our older dog likely has cancer and as such, has developed a chronic cough. The medication the Vet prescribes is both difficult to find and expensive. On what I will be honest and say was initially a long shot, I ask Brian if he had the medication or could get it. He quickly responded yes that he could order it, would do so right then and he should have some on hand anyway, and oh, by the way, it would be there the following day.

The medication did come in as his promised. I then asked Shelby if she’d mind meeting me on her way in to work so I didn’t need to drive up and back. She met me in the morning to pick up the script, gave it to Brian and his team. Brian had thought Good Rx would be a cheaper option but the Tech found another option that reduced the price of the drug by more than half what we had been paying. Shelby then brought it back for me to pick up from her.

In both instances, I felt like my requests were met with an ‘absolute/of course’ attitude and that it was their pleasure to do so. I know it’s me, but…. I believe this approach goes beyond a co-worker/friend and is how they both believe such a request should go.

I know you realize how special they [Brian & Shelby] are, but I still wanted you to know. Three Cheers to them both!”


Dede Schmallen, MA, FABC


If your pet is in need of medication management and are looking to simplify, or even minimize cost of continuing to medicate your loved animal, Please give our team a call and see if we can help! WCH Pharmacy – 928-684-4380.

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