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Echocardiography is used to assess different areas of the heart and detect heart disease or signs of serious conditions. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, followed closely by stroke as the fourth highest cause of death. According to the American Heart Association, more than 2,150 Americans die from cardiovascular disease which amounts to about one every 40 seconds.

Echocardiography or echoes as they are sometimes called, show the size, structure, and movement of various parts of the heart. Heart valves, the septum, the chambers, and walls of the chambers are imaged. Doppler ultrasound also shows movement of blood through the heart. Echocardiograms use an ultrasound machine to produce high frequency sound waves to create images of all these structures. During the exam abnormalities such as blood clots in the heart, fluid around the heart and problems with the aorta, which is the main artery connected to the heart can be spotted. Echocardiograms are also critical studies to determine the health of the heart, especially after a heart attack.

Our echo lab is accredited through the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission and all exams are performed by Registered Cardiac Sonographers with interpretations by Board Certified Cardiologists.

Echocardiograms are commonly used to evaluate patients that have suspected problems of their heart valves and chambers which can be the cause of chest pain and shortness of breath. Congenital anomalies can also be identified using echocardiograms.

Accreditation by IAC indicates that Wickenburg Community Hospital has undergone an intensive application and review process and is found to be in compliance with the published standards. Comprised of a detailed self-evaluation followed by a thorough review by a panel of medical experts, the IAC accreditation process enables both the critical operation and technical components of the applicant facility to be assessed, including representative case studies and their corresponding final reports.

To learn more about the Echocardiography program, Nuclear Stress Testing, or the many other diagnostic imaging services at Wickenburg Community Hospital, please call Peter Stachowicz at (928) 684-4382.

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Community Hospital Clinics are located in Wickenburg, Wittmann, and Congress. We sincerely follow our mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family, and community come first.

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Our 8 bed Emergency Room department is fully staffed with emergency physicians, nurses, and ER specialists. Your wait time is typically measured in minutes not hours as in the larger metropolitan hospitals.

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Wickenburg Community Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical care and treatment. We serve a vibrant and active community who favors quality health care close to home.

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