Experienced general surgeon joins WCH

Experienced general surgeon joins WCH 3June

In preparation for the opening of the new surgical/diagnostic center at Wickenburg Community Hospital, general surgeon Robert Ripley has joined the hospital team and is now seeing patients.

Ripley treats a wide range of abdominal problems, gall bladder disease, appendicitis, many types of cancers and more.  Ripley also performs simple surgeries such as mole removal and offers endovenous ablation for varicose veins.  Not all procedures under Ripley will be surgical; he will also perform endoscopies, colonoscopies and other diagnostics.  Because he carries an extensive background in skincare procedures, Ripley has also been appointed medical director of the Laser and Rejuvenation Center at WCH and will oversee or perform services such as laser skin resurfacing, rosacea repair, Botox, filler placement and more.

Ripley said he hopes to achieve two specific goals at WCH.  First, he is excited to be in the startup of the new surgical and diagnostic center in Wickenburg which will officially open August 8.  He hopes the new facility will serve the local community and also make it a destination for health services so people will travel to Wickenburg to get the type of personal care he and the other physicians at WCH are providing.

His other goal is more personal.  “I want to explore all these mountains and trails around here in one way or another,” Ripley said.

In fact, his love for the desert has been bringing Ripley to the area for about eight years.  His daughter once had an eating disorder and received treatment in Wickenburg.  Ripley quickly fell in love with the Western lifestyle and continued to travel back to Wickenburg for vacations, four-wheeling in the desert.  His wife Adrina also enjoys the area and looks forward to relocation here with her horses.

During one of Ripley’s previous visits, WCH President and CEO Jim Tavary met Ripley at a barbecue and talked about recruiting him, Ripley said.  Although WCH did not have a surgical center yet, Tavary promised it was in the works.  Now, with 30 years of surgical experience, Ripley has moved to Wickenburg and is prepared to take on his new position.

Richard Wedig, WCH director of clinical and surgical services, is excited to welcome a new physician with an extensive background and a love for the area.

“We interviewed a lot of different general surgeons, and he just kept standing above all of the rest of them as far as credentials,” Wedig said.

Ripley is Medicare approved and does not need a referral.  To schedule an appointment call 928-668-1833.

Article originally published in the Wickenburg Sun | written by Rachel Eroh, Sun Intern

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