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Experimental Gadget that Measures Sweat

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There is a new gadget that could change the way you think of sweat. According to an article on,

We have plenty to sweat about here in Arizona. With all the heat….it’s pretty hard to avoid. But a new high-tech skin patch might be able to put all that sweat to good use by using it to track your health.

From CBS News:

The experimental gadget goes well beyond activity monitors like the Fitbit. A little larger than a quarter, it’s almost like a tiny lab stuck to the skin — and a study published Wednesday found it worked on sweaty bicyclists, sticking even during a long-distance race in Arizona.

If you think of perspiration as just a drippy nuisance, think again.

“Sweat has biochemical components within it that tell us a lot about physiological health,” said John A. Rogers, who directs Northwestern University’s Center for Bio-Integrated Electronics and led the new research.

Read the full article here.

(photo courtesy IEEE Spectrum)

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