Hospital Dedicates Chapel

Hospital Dedicates Chapel 23November

Over the past year, Wickenburg Community Hospital has undergone major expansion, resulting in a lot of remodeling as departments shift to new areas.  In the midst of all the new, an old tradition was restored and a piece of history saved.

Director of Pharmacy Services Roger Rose is well known around WCH for making good use of any and all extra space.  When he spotted a vacated office right in the middle of the hospital, he got to work recruiting support for the idea of adding a chapel back to the floor plan – the chapel had been done away with years ago when the nursing home was phased out.

According to CEO Jim Tavary, the decision to have a chapel was an easy one, but the plan took some doing.  He said Rose recruited mostly volunteers to spruce up the space and paint it.  “This is his heart and soul, this project,” Tavary said.  “Roger has taught us that there’s somebody greater than us that is moving us in this organization, and I think the consequence of that is that we have people here today and this organization who will continue over the years to be a beacon within health care organizations in the state of Arizona.  With the vision of the Lord, this has happened.”

As a person steps into the chapel, the small room is warmly lit and welcoming. Two short rows of chairs face a backlit stained glass window with an angel lifting a heart toward heaven.  The window has been property of the hospital for longer than anyone remembers, Tavary said.  It has been in storage for what could be decades, but was recovered and is now the centerpiece of the new chapel.  In addition to the sanctuary atmosphere, a small section of the room includes a meeting table where private conversations can take place.

The chapel was dedicated last Thursday with the help of Pastor Duane Middleton of Mount Hope Assembly of God and Rev. Jonathan Evans of First Presbyterian Church.

“Wickenburg hospital is to be a healing center, and we truly believe that spirituality plays a very important role in the healing process,” Middleton said during the dedication.

The chapel is open around the clock, every day.  Middleton said after January 1, he plans to hold a 15-minute mini-service every Sunday at 10 am for staff, patients, and visitors who can’t make it to church.

In dedicating the chapel, the ministers collectively offered the following prayer:

“…We come together today to dedicate this chapel for Your glory. So we ask, come Holy Spirit and fill this room with your presence and power.  Come Lord Jesus, and hear our prayer, hear the prayers of those who stop here, who lift up their hearts to you. May all who come here find sanctuary in this place, may they find comfort and solace for their souls, may they know their prayers are heard and answered.  May their faith be strengthened, their love refreshed, and their hope encouraged.  May the experience of prayer which they have in this place enable them to follow you in a way that leads to a life eternal.”

Article originally published in the Wickenburg Sun | written by Jeanie Williams Editor

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