HEALTHCARE Ecotherapy Hospital Hummers In Action

Hospital Hummers In Action

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Comments below were provided by real patients, visitors and staff of Wickenburg Community Hospital:

  • Dear Don, What a blessing to see God’s amazing beauty in small form. I was feeling very bad, while here at Wickenburg Hospital. With the help of good staff and lovely birds. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and bringing joy to those in need.
  • As we all know, hospital stays are not fun. The opportunity to lay and watch these amazing little birds definitely helps make the time in bed a lot more bearable.  Enjoy the masters of flight while learning all about them.
  • Loved seeing the hummingbirds. They certainly brighten your day. Thank you for providing the feeders, so greatly appreciated.
  • I saw 4 birds from Sunday to Monday Room 111. I very much enjoyed watching your hummingbirds. Very nice. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly forward and backwards – hover – fly sideways—and upside down. They are the tiniest birds in the world. They breathe 20 times faster than humans in proportion to their body. Their temperature is 8 degrees higher than humans. Females pick their mate.


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