Impact of Physical Inactivity

Impact of Physical Inactivity 7December

written by Michael Bacon PT, Director of Rehabilitation

Recently United Health published the American Health Ranking Senior Report 2016 which looks at the health of our seniors (age 65+) through several criteria.  One of the most disturbing trends was an increase in physical inactivity amongst the senior population.    In fact there was a 15% increase in physical inactivity between 2013 and 2015 and it rose again this year.  In this study 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 are considered physically inactive.

So what does that mean to you?  In the physical therapy world there is a saying: “Motion is Lotion”.    In other words, movement and activity can go a long way toward maintaining desired health and chase the aches, pains and stiffness away.   Physical activity increases blood flow and stimulates the body to release synovial fluid (lubricant) into the joint making it less painful and easier to move.

Physical activity comes in many forms, it can be as simple as taking regular walks.  It does not need to be complicated to be effective.  Walking in the water can provide an excellent workout providing 12x the resistance of air while decreasing the impact on the joints during exercise.  The Wickenburg Community Hospital Fitness Center offers Silver Sneakers Classic Class – an exercise program designed for senior clients to improve muscular strength, joint stability, balance and flexibility.  The Fitness Center also offers Yoga, Dance Fitness, Tone/Stretch and Zumba as well as equipment that allows a good non-impact cardiovascular workout or resistive exercise to maintain muscle tone if that is your goal.

If you are interested in starting a workout program with us please call the Fitness Center

at: (928) 668-1847 or if you feel you need the guidance of a physical therapist please call Wickenburg Community Hospital Rehabilitation Services at: (928) 684-5529 and we would be happy to evaluate you and establish a program specific to your needs.


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