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New Study Links Wine and Breast Cancer

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You might want to re-think that  glass of wine or beer. A new study has found a link between alcohol and breast cancer. reports:

In 2012, 1.7 million cases of breast cancer were diagnosed across the globe, which makes up 25 percent of all cancer diagnoses in women [….] A new report conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), in collaboration with the World Cancer Research Fund, examined several risk factors for breast cancer, including alcohol, diet, and weight.

This study claims that 10 grams of alcohol a day raises the chance for cancer by 5 percent. And while alcohol raises it, exercise can reduce it by 10 percent and foods high in carotenoids are found to possibly lower the risk as well.

The study found vigorous activity further lowers breast cancer risk compared to moderate exercise. Physically active people are more likely to maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime, Bender explained, and obesity increases the risk for many cancers. She said certain types of body fats release hormones and compounds that can increase the risk for cancer. (USA Today)

While genetics and age do play a part, having a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and good food choices seem to really have an impact on reducing the risk for pre and post menopausal women to develop breast cancer.

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