Occasional or chronic neck pain or headaches?

Occasional or chronic neck pain or headaches? 3August

Do you suffer from occasional or chronic neck pain or headaches?

Neck pain can be very debilitating, especially, if headaches are involved.  Although headaches can occur due to a variety of sources, your neck may be the cause.

Neck pain can develop due to various reasons.

  • Trauma- motor vehicle accidents, falls, etc.
  • Posture
  • Repetitive stress
  • Degeneration- arthritis
  • Shoulder injury

Posture can play a very big role in the health and future of your spine. Think about the hours in a day you spend in one position, particularly sitting in front of a computer. Or think about the demands you put on your spine during work. If you are not performing with good posture and core control you can be putting yourself at risk for injury or development into pain.

Headaches can be associated with neck pain secondary to abnormal muscle tightness, referral patterns from disc involvement and compression on nerves.

A cervicogenic headache (headache originating from your neck region) can present with symptoms similar to a migraine however there are some key differences.

It is important to address your neck pain during the onset of symptoms due to the high probability of your neck pain progressing into chronic and/or re-occurring symptoms. Research has shown that 44% of those experiencing neck pain will progress into chronic symptoms.

Contact the Bagdad Physical Therapy Clinic at (928) 633-6393 with any questions or for a consult in how Physical Therapy can help your neck pain and headache.

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