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Our Shining Volunteers

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Volunteers have been involved in healthcare settings for many years and have been a large presence in many hospitals across the nation. This includes Wickenburg Community Hospital. Our volunteers impact our organization in many ways by their many hours of unpaid service. The largest positive impact is on our Patient Experience. These volunteers are the icing on our cake.

Knowing the impact our volunteers had on our patients’ experience is what made the decision on March 23, 2020, so hard for our organization. Due to the COVID pandemic, we had to suspend our Volunteer Team. We were unsure of the dangers of the pandemic and concerned for our volunteer’s safety. Not having their beautiful smiles and caring spirits in and around the hospital was a very hard thing for all staff members and patients alike.

These wonderful volunteers still wanted to help, so when we reached out to them and said we needed masks for our patients and staff, masks flooded in by the bag full. If our volunteers didn’t sew, they found people who did. They altered plastic raincoats to be plastic gowns for staff members. Volunteers brought snacks to lift the spirits of our staff who were working so many hours of overtime because of being short staffed. They even wrote encouraging letters to our staff letting them know that they missed them, were proud of them and were praying for them.

May 1, 2021 was a GREAT day, as we were able to send an email inviting our volunteer team back to the hospital. You could feel the love in the air!

As you can see it takes a special person to be a volunteer and we have a very special team at WCH!

Nothing shines brighter than the heart of a Volunteer.

At Wickenburg Community Hospital our volunteers serve as greeters and patient navigators, make home deliveries for our Pharmacy, assist our Rehabilitation Department, assist patients and staff in our Infusion Department, work in our Gift Shop providing retail therapy for patients and staff, spend time visiting with patients and provide clerical support in our business office. They typically serve 1-2 days per week for 3-4 hours per day.

If you have a heart for giving and helping others, please contact:

Gogi Gay

Volunteer and Patient Experience Manager
928-684-4366 or [email protected]

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