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To whom it may concern:

This testimony is in reference to my first visit with Dr. Juan Vasquez. I asked to change my primary care physician to Dr. Vasquez and this appointment was to request a blood test to determine if I had produced any Covid19 antibodies. 

The visit went well and I felt comfortable with Dr. Vasquez. Besides being an educated professional Dr. Vasquez has an amiable personality and was willing to spend time with me and also showed genuine concern for my health. Even at the end of my visit when the current matter had been taken care of Dr. Vasquez made sure there were no other issues I wanted to discuss. 

I am a 71 and have seen my share of doctors over the years. I would recommend Dr. Vasquez as a primary care doctor and trust him to do what is best for me. 

Sincerely, Jim Crittenden



– July 2021



Dr. Juan Vasquez

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