Physical Therapist Natalie Turnage

Physical Therapist Natalie Turnage 12August

Over three years ago I was diagnosed with a practically torn rotator cuff on my right shoulder.  At that time we used visiting doctors and I was assigned one who performed the surgery.

Three follow ups for pain were non-productive, with cortisone shots and xrays that, “showed no bone to none contact”.

As I had started physical therapy here with Natalie as my primary therapist, I decided to trust the pain would be resolved through therapy since shots and such were no cure.

Over the next, nearly, three years, Natalie and others worked to resolve the pain in my right shoulder.  Natalie brought in other therapists with skills she considered superior to hers, to no avail.

Then this Spring, she sat down with me and reviewed all that we had done.  At the end, she said there was no more that she could do and because of that, her feeling as a professional was that we needed to revisit the initial operation.

Her recommendation for a new xray was approved and the new resident surgeon immediately recognized poor clean up and a few other issues that were ignored in the initial surgery.

An appointment was made for the staff surgeon to address these issues.

Two days prior to the scheduled rotator cuff clean up, I awoke with my right arm severely limited in mobility and strength, unable to raise the arm past my waist.

I immediately called Dr. Wagner, our resident surgeon, who was to do the rotator cuff clean up.  He had me come in for an MRI at once to determine if the surgery could go forth or not.

The MRI showed neck vertebrae were the cause of my arm being in trouble but would not require a delay in the scheduled surgery, which we went forward on.

Following the discovery of the vertebrae needing attention, fusing of #4 thru #7 was done and things are looking good.

I have started therapy to get the right arm muscles back to normal and Natalie is again primary.

I sincerely feel if not for her insistence on revisiting the original operation and refusal to give up, the spine problem would have gotten worse and possibly handicapped me.

Natalie is an exceptionally dedicated and caring professional who many of us trust without question.

Wickenburg Hospital is staffed by some of the best professionals in every area, but some stand out and Natalie is one of those exceptions.

David Lordan | Wickenburg, AZ

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