QWickCare Urgent Care Center Coming to Wickenburg

QWickCare Urgent Care Center Coming to Wickenburg 25May

What is an Urgent Care Center?

In simplest terms, an Urgent Care center is a convenient option for healthcare needs when the personal physician is not available, one is far from home and needs for a medical provider do not necessarily warrant a visit to an Emergency Room. This is another care choice when illness or injury strikes outside of normal physician hours; a place for care that eliminates the need to wait for hours in an Emergency Room or travel long distances to see a primary provider. An important fact is that Urgent Care centers do not replace primary medical providers, each patient is still encouraged to follow-up with their primary care provider.

Today it is a very common sight to see Urgent Care centers located in standalone buildings, strip malls, in pharmacies and even in airports. These Urgent Care centers provide care for all manner of illness and injury by trained medical practitioners that are proficient in the evaluation and care of the patients they see. Visiting an Urgent Care is different than visiting an Emergency Room or your private physician though it shares many common features of the two, it does so with providers of a slightly different knowledge base and skill set that can treat and care for a wide range of ailments. It is not uncommon to have providers who specialize only in Urgent Care Medicine.

Conditions Urgent Care Centers Treat

Examples of the most common utilization of an Urgent Care include simple sprains, cough, fever, animal bites, rashes, back pain, lacerations, sore throat, ear pain, sinus pain, nausea, and upper respiratory infections. These ailments and others can be easily evaluated and treated by a specially trained medical provider in a convenient environment. Most Urgent Care centers also have laboratory and x-ray capabilities to provide quick and reliable test results. Urgent Care centers are so convenient that according to the Urgent Care Association there are now over 9,600 centers across America. Why such a growth? The most common answer is that it has become a preference for consumers of healthcare.

QWickCare Urgent Care In Wickenburg

As Wickenburg and its surrounding communities grow and the need for healthcare becomes greater, it has become apparent that an Urgent Care in Wickenburg would be the most logical step in providing full service healthcare. Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) has listened to the community and understands the need and benefit an Urgent Care can provide this town and neighbors. WCH knows that people want choices and options but most importantly, convenience and access to healthcare when it works best for them.

WCH is extremely pleased to announce that in the next few months, we will be opening the first fully licensed Urgent Care Center in Wickenburg. The groundwork has already begun with many skilled and qualified individuals diligently working to bring this project to fruition. This is a very exciting time for Wickenburg when it comes to the healthcare needs of the community.  We understand that healthcare should be patient centered and the new Urgent Care will be just that. To complement our Urgent Care, we will work with patients to schedule follow up appointments with their providers or assist them in establishing with a new provider for post urgent care needs, thus making ones Urgent Care visit much more comprehensive than a visit to a traditional Urgent Care.

Stay tuned for more on “QWickCare“, the new Urgent Care in Wickenburg!

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