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Urgent Care is a convenient option for someone’s healthcare needs when their personal physician is not available, or they are far from home and their needs for a medical provider do not warrant a visit to an Emergency Room. Now open seven days a week, 7AM to 5PM!

Under the medical direction of Dr. Diane Bejerano, QWickCare Urgent Care provides a quality healthcare service to our community that has been long in need. By opening the doors seven days a week, WCH hopes to fill this rural community’s gap in treatment options for same day care when they are not able to be seen by their primary care providers.

What is an Urgent Care Center?

In simplest terms, an Urgent Care center is a convenient option for healthcare needs when the personal physician is not available, one is far from home and needs for a medical provider do not necessarily warrant a visit to an Emergency Room. This is another care choice when illness or injury strikes outside of normal physician hours; a place for care that eliminates the need to wait for hours in an Emergency Room or travel long distances to see a primary provider. An important fact is that Urgent Care centers do not replace primary medical providers, each patient is still encouraged to follow-up with their primary care provider.

Conditions Urgent Care Centers Treat

Examples of the most common utilization of an Urgent Care include simple sprains, cough, fever, animal bites, rashes, back pain, minor lacerations, sore throat, ear pain, sinus pain, minor flu symptoms, and upper respiratory infections. These ailments and others can be easily evaluated and treated by a specially trained medical provider in a convenient environment. WCH’s Urgent Care center also has laboratory and x-ray capabilities to provide quick and reliable test results.

QWickCare Urgent Care In Wickenburg

WCH knows that people want choices and options but most importantly, convenience and access to healthcare when it works best for them. WCH also understands that healthcare should be patient centered and the QWickCare Urgent Care is just that, care that places the patient, family and community first.

Patients can access Urgent Care by simply walking in during office hours or scheduling their visit by utilizing our online application at and clicking “Book Your Visit Online.” This online option has created another level of convenience for our community members.

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