Rehabilitation Q & A

Rehabilitation Q & A 11January

Deb Lakin, OT, MBA  the Director of Rehabilitation here at Wickenburg Community Hospital. Share’s information on the different benefits of Rehabilitation Services.

1.Why is Physical Therapy important?

Physical therapy is an important treatment for multiple conditions and can help you to improve your strength, balance, mobility, recover from injuries and illnesses and decrease pain. Physical therapy can boost your overall health and happiness.

2. Can PT be beneficial even if the doctor/provider does not order it?

Yes, Arizona has Direct Access Laws for Physical therapy, and you can see the therapist without a physician’s order. The therapist will keep your doctor informed on how you’re doing and in the coordination of your care.

3. How can Occupational Therapy help and when is it typically ordered?

Occupational therapy is holistic in its approach to treating individuals. Taking into consideration their daily activities of living, leisure and how illness and or injury impacts function. OT’s frequently see hands and shoulders as well as those suffering from neurological issues.

4.What is the most common reasons PT/OT is not a successful treatment? Meaning what could cause it to fail?

Lack of participation and or minimal improvement with therapeutic intervention. Sometimes rest, surgery or other medical treatments may needed and then a patient may benefit from treatment from a therapist.

5. What are a few benefits of receiving therapy from WCH as opposed to other locations?

At WCH we offer one on one care for 45 to 60 minutes a session. That’s uncommon in today’s therapy world. In addition, we have hours designed to meet your schedule. We have specialty programs as well, such as pelvic health for both men and women, dry needling a form of pain relief, and a program specifically for the treatment Parkinson’s patients. In addition, we treat lower back and knee pain, post-surgical patients, tennis elbow, and sciatica and other conditions.

The Rehabilitation Program at Wickenburg Community Hospital is not just about Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure, accident or other condition. It is also about keeping you enjoying what you love!

Have questions regarding our Rehabilitation Program call 928-684-5529 or stop by for a tour at 520 Rose Lane, Wickenburg, AZ 85390.

We look forward to serving Wickenburg and our surrounding communities.

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