Safe and effective deep skin resurfacing

Safe and effective deep skin resurfacing 3November

In my teens I was a sun goddess; the more I could do outdoors the better.  I rode and cared for my horses and never thought to protect my skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  By the time I reached my 50’s I started noticing dark spots on my face and neck and even deep crevices forming around my mouth.  I was concerned about the damage to my skin and sought professional help.

My concern was substantiated and within a few days my dermatologist was freezing off several suspect areas on my face.  He encouraged me to protect my skin by wearing sunscreen and to begin a regimen of proper skin care.

I visited with Karen Minow-Tavary, a laser certified registered nurse at the High Desert Med Spa and Laser Center to learn more about proper skin care.  I was amazed by all the services they provide and was especially interested in deep laser resurfacing.  You see, I’m not going to the Valley if I can get it done in Wickenburg.  Even after I started taking good care of the skin, the deep crevices around my mouth and especially my upper lip just wouldn’t go away.  I couldn’t wear lipstick because the crevices would draw the lipstick away from my lips and onto my face.

Karen and I talked a lot about the procedure.  She showed me pictures so I would know what to expect before, during, and after the procedure as the deep tissue in my face began to recover.  After an examination, I was determined to be a good candidate.  The procedure was not painful.  I was given a mild prescription for pain as I recovered.  After 10 days I looked like I was sunburned with a really shinny face.  Collagen started rebuilding under my skin and I began to see the renewing of my beautiful face.  Karen made herself available 24/7 if I needed her.  She provided education to my support team so they knew what to expect during the first 10 days after the procedure.  In the Valley you’re herded in like a bunch of cows – no one-on-one.  They don’t even know your name unless you miss a payment.

Deep laser resurfacing is a high quality procedure available 15 minutes from home.  It’s a medical procedure performed by medical professionals [Dr. Ann Watwood, NMD and Karen Minow-Tavary, RN, CLT].  I would definitely recommend the High Desert Med Spa and Laser Center.  The care I received was professional and reassuring.  I feel pretty again and I’m so worth it!

Brenda Laney

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