Summertime Fun and Risks – Be Aware and Play Safe

Summertime Fun and Risks – Be Aware and Play Safe 20April

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According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, the path to a life-threatening heat stroke follows a fairly predictable series of steps, with several warning signs along the way.

Thirsty: Being thirsty signals that you’re already starting to get dehydrated. As soon as you get thirsty, make it a point to drink some water and get out of the heat.

Heat cramps: Cramping, pain and spams in your abdominal muscles and legs signals that you losing too much water and salt. Drink water and get inside.

Heat exhaustion:

Signs you are entering dangerous territory include “cool, moist, pale, flushed or red skin; heavy sweating; headache; nausea or vomiting; dizziness; and exhaustion.” However, your body temperature will be near normal. With these symptoms, get inside right away and drink half a glass of cool water every 15 minutes until you improve.

Heat stroke: During heat stroke, your temperature spikes and can damage your brain and internal organs. Other signs include “hot, red and dry skin; changes in consciousness; rapid, weak pulse; and rapid, shallow breathing.” At this point, call 9-1-1 immediately.

  • In June of 1990 Phoenix hit 122 degrees
  • In June of 1994 Lake Havasu City reached 128 degrees


Stay hydrated and Don’t forget your Furry friends

In planning fun in the Phoenix summer sun a person will need a lot more then the recommended 8 cups of water for the day “In addition to temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, the summer humidity in Phoenix ranges between a balmy 10 percent and a throat-parching 2 percent.  Many people have died after heading into the wilderness in 110 degree heat with insufficient fluids.”

When hiking with your beloved pet be alert to their paw pads on hot surfaces. A dogs paws can burn within minutes.

Maintain healthy paws during a hike or hot surfaces – by providing getting padded boots for your dog and let them walk in the shade and grass as much as possible.





Staying hydrated can be challenging know the signs of dehydration can be key:

Be Aware: 

    • Some Vitamins can change the color or your urine
    • If you have medical conditions consult your primary care provider for appropriate hydration instructions
    • Over hydration can cause a fatal condition of hyponatremia causing seizures and possible death





Did you know that an automobile’s interior can easily reach 150+ Degrees being FATAL to the ones we LOVE.

“During summer, the interior temperature of a sitting car can skyrocket. According to the Phoenix Fire, that interior temperature can reach 138 degrees in as little as five minutes and 150 degrees or higher in 15 minutes – even with the windows cracked. While you can exit a hot car when it becomes uncomfortable, children and pets don’t have the luxury of escaping. Under no circumstances leave your children or pets in the car, even “for a minute.”

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