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Sun Spots 31March

As a child, our family camped and boated every weekend for as long as I can remember.

Needless to say, we all were sun exposed to the max.  My mother’s sunscreen was “get in the shade, you’re getting sunburned”!  We didn’t use nor did we have any sunscreen then, at least that I knew.  In fact as teenagers, we used baby oil and iodine mixed together to get a darker tan or so we thought!

When we were first evaluating the treatments that the Laser & Rejuvenation Center might offer, my brows went up a notch.  The provider of the product looked at me that day and said “Wow, you have had some sun exposure”!  I felt somewhat self-conscious about the remark, but knew he was right.  I admit it, I love the sun and did some serious sun-bathing.

When I consulted with the Laser and Rejuvenation Center providers, I was happy to try the BBL and Laser to remove my “spots”.  This is a targeted treatment that finds your brown and red spots and then the laser is used to peel the overlying skin.  It took approximately 4-5 days for the skin to fully peel and the spots to slough off.  It was truly an amazing process that I have since done a few more times.

My skin feels healthy and my old “spots” are almost gone!  It will take more treatments to resolve them completely, but the investment is worth it. I suggest you go see Karen at the Laser & Rejuvenation Center to see what options are available for you. Maybe you can give up your old “spots”.  Written by Nancy Carter, PA-C Community Hospital Clinics

What is your experience with the Laser & Rejuvenation Center?


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