Surgical Patient Testimonial

Surgical Patient Testimonial 17November

My recent surgery experience at WCH

First, a shout out to Peter, Steve Juhase, clinic scheduling, and Dr. Kravetz for getting me in for my pre-op appointment.  The day of surgery, Imelda was her special self as she checked me in and got me and my husband settled to wait. Vivian came out to let us know that they were behind schedule. Then Vivian got me ready for surgery. She explained everything that was happening and that would happen. She asked me to explain in my own words what surgery I was there for. She was so gentle and calm. She made me feel very secure and relaxed. Then Dr. Moore came in to talk to me and he too asked me to describe the surgery that he would be doing.  After that, Lee came in to talk to me about the anesthesia part of the surgery. She, like Vivian and Dr. Moore, asked me what surgery I was having. . . do you see a theme? I explained the surgery in my own words to every member of the surgical team. This helped me to feel confident and relaxed. I knew that they knew exactly what we were there to do. Brittany was my surgical nurse and just like the others made me feel so secure. Thank you Brittany for being a working part of your amazing team. You are a very calming presence. In the operating room I met Adam who is a RPM employee from Colorado who was there to assist Dr. Moore as Surgical Tech. After surgery, Jessica took very good care of me as I woke up and recovered so that I could go home. She was so nice!  She and Vivian explained everything to me. They helped feel confident that I would be able to go home and be okay. They told me what to expect. All in all, it was a great experience. I’m doing well at home and am learning how to get around and function with just one foot!  I’m so thankful to whom ever it was that invented the knee scooter! 

So, a big shout out to Peter, Steve, Dr. Kravetz, Imelda, Brittany, Vivian, Jessica, Lee, Adam and Dr. Moore. I also know that there must be others behind the scenes cleaning, sterilizing, and doing all of the things that make the surgical area safe for the patient. So, a big shout out to them as well.

–  Surgical Patient Debra Loder

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Community Hospital Clinics are located in Wickenburg, Wittmann, and Congress. We sincerely follow our mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family, and community come first.

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Our 8 bed Emergency Room department is fully staffed with emergency physicians, nurses, and ER specialists. Your wait time is typically measured in minutes not hours as in the larger metropolitan hospitals.

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Wickenburg Community Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical care and treatment. We serve a vibrant and active community who favors quality health care close to home.

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