HEALTHCARE In the News Ten tips to make your Physical Therapy a Success

Ten tips to make your Physical Therapy a Success

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  1. Connect with your Physical Therapist – meet with him/her prior to starting your treatment to ensure the two of you mesh well. Remember, a good therapist will challenge you, so you are encouraged to heal yet not frustrate you to the point of not following through on your treatment.
  2. Show Up Ready – Write down questions you have the week before your session, bring notes of what movements cause pain and any trends you are noticing along with medication regiments so your therapist can identify areas for improvement and adjust your treatment as needed.
  3. Get a Recovery Outfit or Two – ensure you are wearing clothing and shoes that best support your body’s needs during therapy. Ask your therapist to help you if you are unsure.
  4. Goal Oriented Plan – work with your therapist to set realistic, short term and long-term goals to give you something to strive for and keep you motivated for treatment.
  5. Home Exercises – set aside special time to work on any home exercises your therapist gives you between sessions, it is easier to make sure you follow through if you reserve certain times in your home life to do so.
  6. More is NOT always Better! – Avoid Overworking and adding more physical activity than planned with your treatment team. You can cause further injury which may prolong your recovery. Talk with your team if notice unusual pains or discomfort.
  7. Additional Options – see if there are additional home treatments you should or should not do such as hot or cold packs, elevation, and signs for time to rest vs. pushing through.
  8. Body Soaks – relieve muscle strain and aches by soaking in a warm Epson salt bath or hot tub.
  9. Reschedule Instead of Cancel – If you have a conflict come up that does not allow you to attend a PT session, call in and reschedule right then, avoid just canceling with the assumption you will reschedule later.
  10. Celebrate Every Accomplishment! – Don’t wait until the very end to acknowledge your hard work, bring joy back to your life by celebrating your successes!

Rehabilitation is a vital part of the healing process following an illness, injury, or surgery. In addition, physical therapy can help prevent injury by treating many common ailments, such as, balance issues, pelvic pain, headaches, chronic pain and arthritis.  The licensed, certified, and compassionate staff at Wickenburg Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology using modern therapy modalities and equipment to accelerate the healing process.

  • Utilizing a team approach, our therapists strive to provide the highest-quality treatment to produce measurable results. Our personalized programs are designed to help individuals achieve their highest level of independence in order to return home as quickly as possible.
  • For in-patient rehabilitation: At discharge, the care team works with each individual and their families to ensure a smooth transition. Community resources and programs, such as adaptive equipment orders, family training, and wellness programs are discussed and coordinated.
  • Outpatient therapy is also available for those who need assistance after returning home.

If you are looking for a GREAT Rehabilitation Team give us a call at 928-684-5529, we would love to serve you!

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