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I Thank You All

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October 24, 2019

I thank you all, the staff at the Wickenburg rehabilitation department for all you do for those in need of your service. Your rehab has helped me so much, I can now walk much better, my legs are stronger and my back pain is less than it has been in a long time. Overall I feel much better and sleep good all night. Thank you all, during your construction phase your staff worked very well together,  under adverse conditions in small spaces but got the job done.

A very special thank you to Cara Hamer for her job well done for me, your straightforwardness and no-nonsense attitude, got my attention the first day, you have helped me so much, my stability is greatly improved.

I have less back pain, my legs are much stronger than before, walking much better, I can now feel feet when walking. I overall feel much better.

I think you are an excellent young lady, always kind and caring for others, thanks again for your help and I wish you well in the future and good luck.

-Donald R Crawford

WCH Rehabilitation Patient- Wickenburg

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