HEALTHCARE Informative This week is Patient Access Week

This week is Patient Access Week

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It is a week dedicated to honoring our Patient Access Department for all their continued hard work and dedication to making positive experiences for our patients.

 Why is Patient Access so important?

The Patient Access Department has always been an integral piece of how hospitals work, because the department touches every patient who comes through the hospital’s doors. This team is generally the first staff to represent the Hospital or Clinics to our patients both in person and on the phones and assist our patients through-out their healthcare experience.  They welcome our patients with a warm and friendly smile, complete registrations, insurance verifications, schedule appointments, prior authorizations, and do point of service collections. 

Our organization is blessed to have the amazing team we have, they are phenomenal!                                                                                                                                                                                        

Please join me in giving a special “Thank you” to our Patient Access Staff when you see them this week. 

Your Patient Access TeamLouisa Valencia, Kristen Rodriguez, Betty Rector, Shannon Nelson, Stefanie Kirkendoll, Kyle DeLoria, Imelda Lord, Violeta Diaz, Lisa Smith, Gema Figueroa, Eileen Manthei, Gema Figueroa, Annie Moralez, Brenda Santiago, Cheryl Mikos, Marisol Guzman, Rosa Ruiz, Kathy Kay, Haydee Moyers, Jolie Goncz, Mary Reed, Kristal Harris, Amy Guerra, Celina Cox, Teresa Garcia, Mayra Quintana-Schofield, Colleen Adams, Courtney Dalley, Marni Olk, Darcy Fuller, and Julianne Krenzelok

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