Hospital Chargemaster

Know the Cost of Your Healthcare 

Wickenburg Community Hospital fully supports transparency in healthcare related costs in an effort to help our patients make informed decisions about their care.

Wickenburg Community Hospital annually publishes our hospital charge master and now provides a cost estimator tool for common services provided at our hospital. In the ever changing healthcare environment, our team works diligently to provide our patients with a world class patient care experience . We are always looking for new ways to manage resources to deliver the care you have grown to trust in a cost effective manner.

The information contained in this file is provided by Wickenburg Community Hospital in compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) price transparency requirement for all hospitals to publish their standard charges in a machine readable format.

By clicking to download this information, you agree you have read and understand the following:

1) All information contained in this file is current as of the last date up loaded. Price changes are made periodically and Wickenburg Community Hospital will make every effort to update this file timely, but will do so at least annually.

2) This file contains the item description, charge and …..

3) The charge represents a dollar amount assigned to an item/service prior to any negotiated discount . The actual charge will vary as it is dependent upon multiple factors, including but not limited to: type of service performed, level of care, individual health condition and other factors.

4) WCH offers a generous financial assistance program. For an application, please contact our patient financial advisor at (928) 668-1824. Following CMS guidance, the information in this file represents our standard charges but it is important to understand that the charges may undergo several changes as it navigates through the billing process so please be aware:

a) The charge show n is the original charge for the item or service prior to application of any discounts

b) The CDM is used across the entire organization. Each charge line is specific to a certain service/item performed within a specific department, but that service/item could be performed in multiple departments and reflect a different charge for the service/ item. Each individual charge master item is consistent but there may be a charge difference for items with similar descriptions based on a variety of reasons.

c) Charges for certain items or services are billed per unit or dose given.

d) Certain CDM items may contain a zero dollar price or a penny charge for a variety of reasons . These are not reflective of the actual cost of the item or service.

e) The file may also contain CDM items for non patient chargeables, including but not limited to adjustment codes, non billable supplies, bulk items and inventory.

f) The CDM is a large file and as such may take some time to download.

By downloading this information you agree you have read and understand the above.

(After downloading, this form is best opened using Microsoft Excel)


Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?

Contact Wickenburg Community Hospital Business/Billing Office: Patient Financial Services  928-684-4365

Where can I make a payment at?

Wickenburg Community Hospital does accept payments over the phone and in person at the hospital or can be mailed in to:

Wickenburg Community Hospital/Clinic

PO Box 271669

Salt Lake City, UT 84127-1669

Please reference your account number.

Thank you for choosing Wickenburg Community Hospital and Clinics where we provide safe access to local healthcare.

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