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We specialize in the comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of foot and ankle conditions, offering patients of all ages the most comprehensive care in our region.



Arthritis can usually be treated with injections of steroid or stem cells as well as activity modification and shoe modification.  Occasionally the joint needs to be removed and fused.

Ankle Joint Arthritis

A good treatment for ankle joint arthritis other than injection of steroid or stem cells is ankle arthroscopy to clean out the arthritis and inflammatory tissue in the joint.


This is a deformity that causes deviation of the big toe and forms a large bump on the inside of the big toe joint.  This can be very painful and limit activity.  Treatment includes orthotics, shoe gear changes, and bracing.  Surgical treatment is the definitive treatment to fix the deformity.

Charcot Foot

Charcot foot is a rare but serious complication that can affect persons with peripheral neuropathy, especially those with diabetes mellitus. Charcot affects the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot or ankle. The bones become weak and can break and the joints in the foot or ankle can dislocate. If not caught in its earliest stage, the joints in the foot collapse and the foot eventually becomes deformed. A deformed foot can cause pressure sores to develop in the foot or ankle. An open wound with foot deformity can lead to an infection and even amputation.

Diabetic Foot Exam

Preventative care for diabetic patients with evaluation of blood flow and sensation are performed semi-annually on every diabetic patient to prevent further issues down the road.

Diabetic Would Care

Wound care to heal diabetic wounds and infections.  Most often can perform all wound care in the office.  Occasionally debridement and or amputation is necessary in the operating room.  Skin grafting and advanced wound care may be performed in the OR as well.


Some people are born with or later acquire a flatfoot that can be very painful.  We can treat this conservatively with orthotics and good shoe gear or address the issue with surgery to reconstruct an arch.

Foot & Ankle Trauma

Any fracture of the foot or ankle can be very painful to deal with, most often these require surgical correction.  Occasionally we can take care of these with casting and close follow-up.

Ganglion Cyst

This is a small pouch of joint fluid that creates pressure on surrounding tissues.  This can come from joints or tendon sheaths.  Also known as a Bible bump because historically people would hit the bump hard with a Bible and it would go away.  Today’s treatment is either removing the fluid with a needle or surgically removing the ganglion cyst.

Hallux Rigidus

This is decreased motion at the big toe joint with increased bone growth around the joints.  This causes pain within the joint as well as on top of the joint where the bone spur has formed.  Treatment includes conservative shoe gear changes, orthotics, injection into the joint with steroid or stem cells and bracing.  Surgical treatment includes joint replacement, cleaning of the joint, or fusion of the joint.


A hammertoe is a contracture of the toes at 1 of the 2 joints in the toe that causes the end of the toes to touch the ground and can cause pain.  It can also cause rubbing on the top of the toe.  Treatment includes conservative padding and shoe gear changes as well as surgical correction of the deformity and straightening of the toe.

High Arch Feet

High arch feet can cause pain along the ball of the foot and the outside of the foot as well as the heel.  This can be treated with orthotics and good shoe gear.  Occasionally surgical intervention is needed to structurally change the foot to improve the weightbearing surface of the foot.

Ingrown Toenail

At times toenails grow into the sides of the toes and can cause pain and infection.  We can remove ingrown toenails in the office.  Very rarely does an ingrown toenail need to be surgically removed.


Injections are offered both with steroid and amniotic fluid to improve healing to joints and other soft tissue ailments.

Lateral Ankle Instability

If the ankle is unstable and feels as if walking will cause an ankle sprain or if you have multiple ankle sprains in a short period of time he may need surgery to tighten the ligaments on the outside of the ankle and fix the tendon slip may be torn on the outside of the ankle.

Metatarsal Fractures

The metatarsal bones are the bones behind the toes in the forefoot.  At times these can be treated conservatively by wearing a fracture walker boot, but surgical treatment is often needed to stabilize the fractures.


This is pain under the ball of the foot at any level under the second through fifth metatarsal heads.  Conservative treatment consists of padding, orthotics, and shoe gear changes.  Surgical treatment is individual to specific cause of forefoot pain.


This is a small painful tumor or excess growth of nerve tissue most commonly in the ball of the foot.  Conservative treatment includes orthotics, padding, injections with steroid or stem cells.  Surgical treatment includes excision of the affected nerve tissue.

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain with first step pain in the morning being the worst.  This can most often be treated conservatively with stretching, icing, orthotics and use of other stretching devices.  Occasionally if this does not go away over a 6 month to 1 year period with conservative treatment then surgical treatment is needed to release the plantar fascia.

Plantar Warts

Warts can be painful and occasionally bleed on the bottom of the foot.  A wart can be removed in the office or surgically depending on the size and depth of the wart.  We will always start conservative with cryotherapy in the office.

Tailors Bunion or Bunionette

This is a small bunion on the outside of the foot at the fifth metatarsal phalangeal joint.  This can be treated conservatively with padding, orthotics, and shoe gear changes.  This can also be treated surgically for definitive treatment of the deformity.

Taping & Bracing

Some injuries need taping and bracing which we can provide here to keep you out of surgery if possible.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

At times there is pressure put on the nerve that goes on the inside of the ankle to the bottom of the foot causing burning and tingling sensations in the bottom of the foot.  This can be confirmed with a nerve conduction study.  If tarsal tunnel is confirmed we may release the nerve surgically to help with symptoms.

Toenail Fungus

There are multiple treatments for toenail fungus, it is very difficult to get rid of but we have medications that can increase the chances of curing the fungus.  We also offer the option of removing the toenail permanently to prevent further toenail fungus.


Meet Dr. Tanner Moore, DMP | Foot & Ankle Specialist | Foot & Ankle Surgeon

Looking for top-notch medical care for your feet or not sure if you need to see a podiatrist? You have come to the right place.  Tanner Moore, DPM specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle care including fractures, bunions, plantar fasciitis, corn and callus problems, diabetic management, sports medicine, and wound care. In addition, Dr. Tanner Moore specializes in conditions that require foot and ankle surgery. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a BS in Exercise Science, Dr. Moore earned a medical degree at the California School of Podiatric Medicine and then went on to complete his podiatric residency at Intermountain Medical Center, Utah.  Dr. Moore is highly specialized with advanced education and training in podiatric care and treatment modalities to address foot and ankle problems to get you back on your feet and doing what you love.  Dr. Moore`s approach always begins with conservative treatment of foot and ankle conditions, he diagnoses problems and treats the whole foot and ankle — for both surgical and non-surgical cases. 

Concerns With Foot Health? Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Moore: 928-668-5506

This information is meant to be informative but not prescriptive. Their purpose is to provide information on diseases and processes rather than dictate a specific form of diagnosis or treatment. The ultimate judgment regarding the propriety of any specific procedure must be made by the physician after all the circumstances are presented by the individual patient. 

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