Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging | Wickenburg Community Hospital

Under the medical direction of Dr. Steven Johnson, Wickenburg Community Hospital is honored to provide comprehensive medical and diagnostic imaging using state-of-the-art technology.  We invest in the latest technology to remain on the cutting edge for our patients.

As a 24/7, full-service imaging department we deliver the sharpest and most diagnostic images possible.

With the latest scanner imaging technology, we are able to provide faster scan times, lower radiation doses, and improved image quality.  


Medical Imaging | Studies & Services Include


Computerized Tomographyhitachi scenaria

  • CT-Hitachi Scenaria 128, the first installation in Arizona
    -Accredited through the American College of Radiology, (ACR).
    -All manner of CT imaging including CTA of the Coronary Arteries.
    -CT Guided Biopsies

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • MRI-Siemens 1.5 Espree
    -Accredited through the Joint Commission.

3D Mammography

Fujifilm's ASPIRE Cristalle with DBT

Fuji Aspire Cristalle with 3D Tomosynthesis

  • The exclusive Comfort Paddle moves four ways and flexes to the contour of the breast for a noticeably more comfortable exam, while 3D technology delivers better detail with gentle radiation dose.
  • Upright Tomosynthesis Breast Biopsies
  • Accredited through the ACR
  • Recognized as a Breast Center of Excellence through the National Consortium of Breast Centers



Nuclear Medicine – a specialized area of radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials, or radiopharmaceuticals, to examine organ function and structure. 

  • Nuclear Medicine, GE Millennium Dual Head
  • Nuclear Stress Test of the Heart
  • All manner of Nuclear Medicine imaging including DaTscan for confirming Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Accredited through the ACR.
  • Bone Densitometry, GE Lunar Prodigy
  • FRAX to assess the risk of potential hip fractures
  • Lateral Vertebral Assessment

Interventional Pain Management

  • To address spine and joint pain with a minimally invasive procedure

Interventional Radiology

  • Biopsies, Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, PICC, and Central line insertions. Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty, Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsies, IVC filters, Indwelling Catheters, and other procedures



  • Toshiba Zario 500
  • Accredited through the ACR
  • Vascular, general, and Breast Sonography
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsies

Fully Digital Diagnostic Radiography

  • Newly installed state of the art Shimadzu imaging rooms and mobile x-ray units
  • C-arm and mini C-arm


 Fully Accredited | Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

Radiology Fun Facts

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