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Category: Informative

What is Your Body saying About You? 5January

What is Your Body saying About You?

Your skin can tell you how healthy your body is. If you know the signs, you can begin to read your body and know if you have an illness. features some signals that could tell you something is wrong. Swollen feet can indicate anything from a sprain to water retention. According If you’re one of the 5 million Americans …

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What are the costliest diseases 1January

What are the costliest diseases

Healthcare costs can add up. Do you know the top diseases that are the costliest? According to Forbes Magazine: Researchers looked at the conditions and diseases over an 18-year period through 2013 that are driving U.S. health spending, which accounts for 17% of the U.S. economy. “The top 10 or 20 things aren’t always things that people are thinking of,” Joseph …

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Join the Challenge: Dry January 21December

Join the Challenge: Dry January

January 2017 will see a campaign encouraging people to have a “dry” January, meaning no alcohol for an entire month. Millions will be joining the commitment in order to slow down on drinking, lose weight and have a little extra cash in their wallets. Even making such a seemingly small step is showing big results. According Medical News Today: You …

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Arizona Health Rank is in the Top 10 19December

Arizona Health Rank is in the Top 10

Arizona ranks within the top 10 in an important national survey. According to the 2016 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index [Our state] ranks our state 8th in physical health and 9th in overall well-being. To read more follow this link to the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. Way to go Arizona! Help Arizona to be the healthiest state by receiving regular check-ups with …

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The Wickenburg Community Hospital Rolls out the Red Carpet 7December

The Wickenburg Community Hospital Rolls out the Red Carpet

Wickenburg Community Hospital celebrates volunteerism during the Volunteer Annual Fall Appreciation Celebration. “Our theme this year was Behind the Scenes Heroes,” says volunteer manager Gogi Gay.  All volunteers were welcomed on the red carpet, given celebratory Oscars, took pictures at a fun photo booth, and of course followed by “paparazzi” playfully represented by Melanie Buzone, daughter of Gay. Members from …

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In The News: Insurance Premiums Could Skyrocket in 2017 30November

In The News: Insurance Premiums Could Skyrocket in 2017

Some Arizonans could be facing higher insurance premiums come 2017. According to the Arizona Republic: Arizona health insurers that sell Affordable Care Act plans next year will seek some of the largest rate increases since the marketplace launched in 2014. The average rate ask for one insurer is nearly 65 percent, but the amount consumers actually will pay depends on factors such as age …

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Understanding Your Insurance 30November

Understanding Your Insurance

Written by: Mitch Bruce, Patient Account Manager, Wickenburg Community Hospital Insurance is CONFUSING!  Medical insurance is no exception.  To make things worse agents start tossing around terms like in network, HMO, and pre-auth, it’s no wonder we have difficulty understanding what we’re really paying for. Here at Wickenburg Community Hospital we are asked a lot of questions about health insurance and how it …

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Hospital Dedicates Chapel 23November

Hospital Dedicates Chapel

Over the past year, Wickenburg Community Hospital has undergone major expansion, resulting in a lot of remodeling as departments shift to new areas.  In the midst of all the new, an old tradition was restored and a piece of history saved. Director of Pharmacy Services Roger Rose is well known around WCH for making good use of any and all …

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Getting the Facts: Ear Infections 21November

Getting the Facts: Ear Infections

Ear infections are a nasty business. Do you have all the facts? Here is a great resource on preventing and treating ear infections. PDF: ear-infections This information is not meant to replace a professional opinion. If you suspect an ear infection please make an appointment at the Wickenburg Hospital Clinic.

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Important Zika Announcement 17November

Important Zika Announcement

From the Maricopa Department of Public Health, an important announcement has been made regarding the Zika Virus. Please refer to the link to read the entire update: health-alert-zika-update-111416. If you have any questions, please contact the Wickenburg Community Hospital Clinic.

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Primary Care

Community Hospital Clinics are located in Wickenburg, Wittmann, and Congress. We sincerely follow our mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family, and community come first.

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Emergency Care

Our 8 bed Emergency Room department is fully staffed with emergency physicians, nurses, and ER specialists. Your wait time is typically measured in minutes not hours as in the larger metropolitan hospitals.

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Surgical Services

Wickenburg Community Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical care and treatment. We serve a vibrant and active community who favors quality health care close to home.

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