Category: WCH Services

Category: WCH Services

Choosing Footwear Quick Tips 8December

Choosing Footwear- Quick Tips

We caught up with Dr. Moore, the podiatrist here at WCH Surgical Clinic to get some quick tips on choosing footwear this holiday season. Q. In general, what are the basics to keep in mind when choosing a properly fitting athletic shoe?  A. There are a couple of different things to look for when choosing footwear. One of the first …

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Page Title Slide: Support Your Immune System | Roger Rose, Director of Pharmacy Services, Wickenburg Community Hospital | 928-684-4380 28October

Support Your Immune System

Originally Published in Quality Health & Wellness Magazine | Fall 2020  How Can I Protect My Immune System?  There are many factors that can challenge the immune system including stress, exposure to toxic compounds, allergies, bacteria, viruses, irregular sleeping patterns, and a poor diet. Our complex integrated immune system needs multiple specific micronutrients, including vitamins A, D, C, E, B6, …

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Six Tips For Choosing A Quality Rehabilitation Team 27October

Six Tips for Choosing a Quality Rehabilitation Team

Choosing a Quality Rehabilitation Team… Six Tips to Help You Make an Informed Decision   Written By: Deborah Lakin, OT, MBA, Occupational Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation Wickenburg Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center   Rehabilitation is a vital part of the healing process following an illness, injury, or surgery. In addition, physical therapy can help prevent injury by treating many common ailments, …

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Q&A with Debra Loder, RDN, Wickenburg Community Hospital 9October

Q&A with Debra Loder, RDN

Originally Published in Quality Health & Wellness Magazine | Fall 2020   It’s not always clear when or why we should seek out the expertise of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Debra Loder, RDN at Wickenburg Community Hospital, provides answers to some frequently asked questions.  What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and what is the difference between an RDN and …

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Are You at Risk? Early Detection Saves Lives. 8October

Early Detection Saves Lives

Originally Published in Quality Health & Wellness Magazine | Fall 2020 Article Written by: Zandra S. Nocera, MD Breast Center Radiologist Wickenburg Community Hospital   Our Approach I am the breast radiologist at Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH). Our goal is to provide personalized and compassionate breast imaging to each patient. In the usual setting, a patient with no breast problem will …

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Well Child Exam vs. Sports Physical- What’s the Difference? 13August

Well Child Exam vs. Sports Physical- What’s the Difference?

Many parents believe that a Sports Physical is the equivalent of a Well Child Exam, however this is not the case. A sports Physical is designed to clear an athlete for participation in sports, while the Well Child Exam is a much more in-depth health examination. Although a Sport’s Physical is required to participate in many school sports, it is …

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visits are time well spent... 13August

Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Originally Published in Quality Health & Wellness Magazine | Fall 2020 Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit- FAQ’s & Information Amie Boucher, FNP-C, and Brittany Miranda, FNP-BC are the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Family Nurse Practitioners at Wickenburg Community Hospital Clinic. Amie and Brittany are passionate about disease prevention, wellness, and spending ample time with each patient to assist in identifying …

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Grand Re-Opening of Mammo Suite with 3D Mammogram 1July

Grand Re-Opening of Mammo Suite with 3D Mammogram

June 25, 2020- Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) has installed the FUJIFILM ASPIRE Cristalle mammography solution with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). WCH is the only provider in a 30 mile radius of Wickenburg, Arizona to offer patients 3D mammography technology. In celebration of the install, the hospital is hosting a four-week grand re-opening of the Women’s Mammography suite to showcase the …

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WUSD #9 Athletic Department Sponsorship 28August

WUSD #9 Athletic Department Sponsorship

Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics Sponsors Wickenburg Unified School District Athletic Department August 6, 2019 Wickenburg Community Hospital (WCH) and the Community Hospital Clinics announce that they are sponsoring the Wickenburg Unified School District Athletic Department for the 2019-2020 school year. The sponsorship includes supplying first aid kits to the Wickenburg High School and Vulture Peak Middle School Athletic Departments. …

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WCH Pharmacy Health Minute 12August

WCH Pharmacy Health Minute

8-12-19: What is a nutraceutical? A nutraceutical is a fortified food or dietary supplement that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value, and it may help to treat or prevent a disease. Nutraceuticals which help support gastrointestinal (GI) health – like probiotics, digestive enzymes and bitters, glutamine, and antimicrobials – are some of the most recommended of …

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Primary Care

Community Hospital Clinics are located in Wickenburg, Wittmann, and Congress. We sincerely follow our mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family, and community come first.

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Emergency Care

Our 8 bed Emergency Room department is fully staffed with emergency physicians, nurses, and ER specialists. Your wait time is typically measured in minutes not hours as in the larger metropolitan hospitals.

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Surgical Services

Wickenburg Community Hospital provides a wide variety of surgical care and treatment. We serve a vibrant and active community who favors quality health care close to home.

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