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New Wickenburg Community Hospital Breast Center.

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Wickenburg Community Hospital and the Pink Ribbon Angels, a program of the Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation, are proud to formally announce the completion of the new Wickenburg Community Hospital Breast Center.  Planning for the center began in early 2015 when the Pink Ribbon Angels, also known as the PRA, were approached by the hospital to help design and finance the interior of the new Breast Center. With unrestricted funding that was recently received from the C & J Foundation, PRA Director Joan McDermott and the Advisory Committee enthusiastically moved forward with the project. The design team for the project was coordinated by local artist Karen Douglas. Members of the team that provided input included the Highton Company, Medical Imaging Manager Peter Stachowicz and Mammographers Rena Koeneke and Denise King.

The new Breast Center officially opened on August 2nd.  Just outside of the Breast Center you will see beautiful gold lettering identifying the Breast Center along with the PRA logo. In addition there is on display a certificate identifying the Wickenburg Breast Center as a Breast Center of Excellence. Those patients that enter the Breast Center will immediately see a scene not common in Arizona. Patients are transported to a peaceful sandy beach complete with seashells and birds. The highlight of the room is a 17’ x 8’ full wall mural of a beachfront complete with ocean waves and blue skies. Initial response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive to the new décor and design of the room.

Pink Ribbon Angels provide free mammograms, diagnostic testing, breast MRI, and biopsies to uninsured or underinsured ($1,500+ deductible) women or men in Wickenburg and surrounding rural communities.  Gas cards in the amount of $15 are also provided to those qualified patients living outside Wickenburg.

To date the Pink Ribbon Angels have funded over 1,000 diagnostic tests.

Funding for the program comes from donations and grants, including proceeds from the annual October 23, 2016 Wickenburg Walks to Boot Breast Cancer, sponsored by the non-profit organization Wickenburg Breast Cancer Network.

Donations are tax deductible and should be mailed to Pink Ribbon Angels, PO Box 1731, Wickenburg, AZ 85358. For additional information please contact Joan McDermott, PRA Director, at 928-684-5812.

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