HEALTHCARE Testimonials Patient Testimony: Wickenburg’s ER is World Class

Patient Testimony: Wickenburg’s ER is World Class

An open letter to the employees of Wickenburg Hospital:

I am an employee of Wickenburg Hospital. I recently enjoyed a stay in acute care, and was first seen in the ER by Dr. Miles and the ER staff. Within half an hour they had me diagnosed and sent to acute care. The ER staff was friendly, efficient, well organized and professional. I felt that I was in very good hands.

The team work and communication of the both the ER and acute care staff was truly impressive. Once I settled into a very comfortable bed my nurse, CNA, X-ray,  RT  and  lab  were  lined  up  at  my  door. The housekeeping staff kept my room spotless, and the food was delicious. The day and night shift nurses, CNAs (even nurses and CNAs not assigned to me) showed up 25-30 times a day to see how I was doing and taking vitals.

The nurse told me I needed oxygen and Tylenol  for  a fever  even  before I thought I needed them. Tina the secretary came and brought me water. I did not have to ask for anything. I want to thank  Bev, Becky, Amy, Ruthie, Cindy, Janice, Karen,

Liz, Lori, Norma, Joe and Leslie (painless vein puncture)  and the ER staff for their outstanding dedication.

Even if it wasn’t their job they would freshen my water, take trays away, bed changes etc. They just did it. Everyone did everything. Dr. Ajmeri saw me 2-3 times a day, answered all my questions and explained everything in detail to me.

Now you may think I am biased since I work here. Contrast the above to the nightmare I experienced in Phoenix for 5 days. The floors were never swept, the linens were never changed, the bed uncomfortable, I had to empty my own urinal, my food trays were stacked 3 high on the garbage can, I had to ring for help 4-5 times before anyone answered the intercom (not come to my room just answer the intercom).

I had a procedure scheduled for 11 am. Everyone was ready, but the doctor showed up at 12:30. I did have 2 good doctors for the first 2 days. The doctor I had the last 3 days did not answer any questions. In fact she spent a total of 15 sees the entire 3 days. They had no teamwork, no communication, and no organization. I signed papers  authorizing them to perform tests after they did the tests.

Mr. Tavary, you talked to us about world class service. I  am here to tell you Wickenburg Hospital is there. We are world class. I experienced if first hand. We have dedicated professionals who care and are proud of the service they provide and I am very proud of them.


David Haugen

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