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Compounding for Wound Healing

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Wound care is a specialty in which compounding pharmacists can play an important role. Wickenburg Community Hospital pharmacists can customize medications to help during all stages of wound healing that can improve circulation to the wound and speed healing while reducing pain and fighting inflammation and infection. The benefit of compounding is that the treatment can be modified as the wound enters each stage of healing. Disruptions in the wound healing phases can lead to long-term problems.

Our compounding pharmacist can work with patients and their practitioners to help prevent healing disruptions or address issues that result from interruptions in the healing process. Two examples of healing disruptions are chronic wounds that fail to heal and excessive wound healing that leads to scarring and keloids. In addition to selecting the right treatment during wound healing phases, other factors can play a role in healing wounds, including age, nutritional deficiencies, infection, smoking, medications, and other diseases. Our pharmacist will be happy to work with patients and their physicians to compound a medication specifically to meet that individual’s unique wound care or scar treatment needs. 

We also offer other services like a Qwick Refill app for your smart device creating convenient refill management, free delivery and E-Z Med Pak services. Thanks to the WCH Foundation the E-Z Med Pak service is free of additional charge to all its patients. E-Z Med Pak provides a simpler, safer medication experience through convenient, personalized packaging, using the latest in pharmacy robotics. WCH Pharmacy’s E-Z MedPak service is designed to prevent dangerous medication errors for patients taking multiple prescriptions. It removes the guesswork for patients by allowing the pharmacy to pre-sort and package patient medications, labeling each dose by day, date, and time. The convenient, easy-to-open packaging makes taking prescribed medications more straight forward, and hassle-free.

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