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I Am So Grateful

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July 6, 2020

While fixing up our home for move-in, I fell and broke my wrist in two places. We live 30 minutes from the hospital and I can tell you that the drive was excruciating. My husband called ahead and when we arrived, it was all hands on deck. The hospital staff told us where to pull in, where to enter and that they would be ready. They were, and we were so very relieved.

Honestly, I was in too much pain to think straight, but my most vivid memory was of 5-6 people standing around me each taking care of various tasks and reassuring me I would be just fine. They had me “under” in minutes, my arm set and then out the door in under two hours. It was stunning.

I was given contact information for the orthopedic surgeon for follow-up as surgery was likely necessary. The surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Wagner, saw me in-office the very next day and I had surgery the morning after that. The timeline for care was lightening fast!  Every subsequent visit to Dr. Wagner’s office was met with expert care and compassion.

I also received Physical Therapy and the experience was equally positive. I was hesitant to go, afraid the therapist would manipulate my wrist, which was “stuck” and painful from the non-use typical after such a surgery. I DID NOT want to be touched. I was completely relaxed after the first visit. The therapist reassured me there would be no harsh manipulations, in fact, the therapist instructed ME on how to move and strengthen my wrist, allowing my limits to be barometer for movement. I was given workouts for between visits that were reasonable and I credit the therapy I received as part of my success story.

My wrist has since healed and I have regained full mobility and use. I honestly can’t say enough good about the care I received at Wickenburg Community Hospital – staff, nurses, therapists and doctors alike. To show our appreciation, we brought donuts and cards for the staff and was able to personally meet with the Hospital Director. There were a few tears all the way around…

A broken wrist may not seem like much, comparatively speaking, but the fall was traumatic and the pain absolutely horrific. I am so grateful for those who took care of me and put me back together again!

– Sherry Gareis

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