HEALTHCARE Informative Primer on Diabetes

Primer on Diabetes

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Todd Kravetz, MD, Internal Medicine
Chief of Staff, Medical Director

It is always best to avoid getting diabetes to begin with, however, if you do happen to get diabetes, there are plenty of medicines to help you control your sugar. Also, remember that diabetes is a reversible condition. If you are diligent in managing your diabetes well, in many cases, you can reverse it altogether. For most people, well managed meal plans and maintaining a healthy weight can have your diabetes in remission faster than you think.

Keeping your blood sugar under control is the best way to manage diabetes, and the best way to do that is to keep to a high-quality diet. The best meal plans are ones which emphasize vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, grains and fruits. Stay away from refined sugar and highly processed foods. This will ensure that your body pro­cesses your meals properly and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Aside from eating properly and maintaining a healthy weight, exercise is a key component to keeping your blood sugar at a good level. It doesn’t take much exercise either-just plain old walking 15-20 min a day is greatly ben­eficial.

It is also important to keep your sugar in the normal range (60-100) as it minimizes your risk of heart dis­ease, stroke and many other diseases. See your doctor regularly to help keep your body functioning well. See the below recipe for a great dinner choice to add to your meal plan!

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