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Hospital Hummers Expansion

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Wickenburg Community Hospital and Clinics expand Hospital Hummers: A Hummingbird’s Grace is Medicine for the Soul

After receiving multiple positive comments from patients regarding the Hospital Hummers project, Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics (WCH) have expanded the program yet again. WCH has embraced eco-therapy in a way that allows those who receive care and work on campus, to enjoy nature while going about their daily business.

The Hospital Hummers project began on the Hospital campus with a few feeders perched inside the central courtyard. Feeders were then placed outside each patient room window of the Acute Care unit on the North & South side of the building, and again expanded inside the courtyard to include windows just outside the Snack Shack area. Laminated hummingbird information cards complete with photos of the more common species and some fun facts about hummingbirds have been placed at information desks as well as in each patient room.

Patients in the Acute Care unit are invited to complete a comment card to describe their experience with the hummingbirds. One patient wrote, “I do love hummingbirds, and I was thrilled to have one feeding at my window! That gave me joy!” Another patient commented, “It has been such a pleasure waking every morning and the first thing I see is an adorable hummingbird. I was so comforted to see him. I am on my second day here and am looking forward to the morning and our tiny little friend. The people and the care here is wonderful.” As comment cards continued to flow in with positive reviews, it was decided to expand the Hospital Hummers program a step further.

Across the street from the Hospital, at the Wickenburg Clinic is a beautiful healing garden, named in honor of generous benefactors John and Lynn Boyer. The Boyer Healing Garden, where several benches rest among shade trees, a new hummingbird feeder now hangs from a tree placed next to the newly installed water fountain. This has created an opportunity for those visiting the primary and surgical clinics to witness the flight of hummingbirds. The bird feeder can be seen from inside the surgical clinic exam hallway and from the exam hallway of rooms 8 & 9 in the primary care clinic. If one sits outside on a bench still enough, these little hummers will swoop in and grab a snack, almost in reach.

Though many who come onto the WCH campus are doing so to improve their long-term health, the opportunity for an uplifting moment is certainly present. Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics continues to improve elements of ecotherapy like the Hospital Hummers project. This effort to share nature and the outdoors with patients and staff is done so to provide relief and a little peace during uncertain times.

If you would like to support nonprofit Wickenburg Community Hospital & Clinics and help fund capitol projects that impact the health and well being of patients, please call the Hospital Foundation at 928-668-1812, mail your donation to: WCH Foundation 520 Rose Lane Wickenburg, AZ 85390, or donate online at

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